Predictions for 2019 in marketing trends

Marketing predictions 2019

According to Anik Singal these would be the predictions for 2019
In 2019 we will see that cheap offers of less than 50 dollars return, while the cost per prospect is going to rise, this because the demand for online advertising has increased considerably for example in facebook in 2016 there were 2 ' 000,000 people buying advertising while in 2018 it increased to 6'000,000 people buying advertising while the number of people active in fb has remained the same.

The prospect data capture scheme will increase due to the increase in costs. And this is why maintaining loyalty and credibility in front of customers is going to be fundamental in order to make them buy high-priced programs and products.

Also the programs on demand will take off and have boom, customers want to be able to choose the time, speed at which they see the information. Netflix, Hulu, on-demand programs of the telcos have made customers know and like the programs on demand.

Pre-recorded webminars are going to decline, because they do not create a good relationship with customers, they must take short courses and put them in a single package where customers can see the content they want on demand. You have to have premium content that customers are willing to pay once they establish trust with them.

Organic traffic will become fashionable, customers increasingly know about the marketing programs of Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. and simply become blind and skip it, trust more in the organic traffic they find for themselves . You have to take advantage of the channels on YouTube, in instagram, podcasts, and then all the traffic that arrives organic must be retargeting and be very specific, know the customers and their profile and sell according to that in a specific way.

Achievements must be magnified, clients have become selfish and want value even in the sales process. Their time of attention is little and if they do not obtain value they ignore it, they are attracted to commit themselves to them, and in each step there is Give them value. Until they go for the big product.

The effect of omnipresence, it is about the environment and not the words, first people take confidence, and then by being present through retargeting and presence in different channels of youtube, instagram, email, Conversion is about trust and less in the speech.

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