IOS 12 upgrade

IOS 12 Logo

IOS 12 is the new version of apple OS. This new version of IOS 12 is going to bring a set of very interesting features such as:

  • 70% faster swipe the camera
  • 50% faster keyboard display
  • 2x faster app load when the phone is under heavy load
  • increased people in facetime up to 32 people
  • Augmented reality
  • better parent control with reports on all of your devices
  • better notification control and no disturb mode

Also, this version is going to be compatible with iPhones since version 5s up to Xs, and from iPad mini 2.

How to upgrade

Before you update you must be sure you make a backup if an update fails and you don’t have a backup you can lose all your data.

It’s as simple as connecting to your wifi network, go to Configuration->[your name]->ICloud, activate ICloud Backup and press backup now

After the backup completes, you can go to configuration -> general -> software update

and of course you can update with iTunes also, connecting the device to your computer.

iTunes summary pane



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