Evernote and Onenote, what they are and how to migrate

Evernote and Onenote

what they are, and how to migrate


Most of us, need to take notes, like in school when we used a paper note book. But now we needed to be available at all times, to track our own ideas and to store important information we are sure to use later.

Right now there are two useful tools to do that. Let’s check them out:


Evernote has very intresting features to work with, there is a free edition which was good until several months ago, when they change policies and was limited in their functionalities. Also it stores information on the cloud on Evernote servers, and they charge for that storage. Free edition only has 60MB storage.

It organizes information on a hierarchical way, and also with tags



One note on the other hand is a free software from Microsoft which stores the information on the cloud, Onedrive service which comes with 5GB free. One note has a different structure than Evernote, it’s organized on notebooks which are represented by a file on your Onedrive, and inside of this are tabs, and each tab a note or page.



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