complete open and free courses to grow your online business

Did you know that Google has open and complete courses online and certifiable to set up your business on the internet?

That’s right, Google created several online sites to learn about online marketing, business, analysis of campaigns, optimization in adwords, management of google analytics to know the effectiveness of campaigns and not only that, the courses are fully open, free and also certifiable. You just have to have an account in google (gmail) to enter them.

Well, here I tell you what those courses are:

Google digital garage

This site is a complete course on how to promote your business using Google tools. It deals with topics such as how to position yourself in search engines, conduct campaigns via email, interpret analytics (Google Analytics), promote yourself in social networks, create an online store, and how to create marketing strategies and content.
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Google Primer

This is an app where there are several interesting and more strategic courses than the previous one. For example covers issues such as building a business plan, brand building, and business administration. This is an app that is worth trying.
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Analytics Academy

This course is to learn how to handle in a profound and detailed way Google analytics tool, which is a powerful tool to be able to know the clients that visit your pages, youtube channels, online store and measure the success of the online campaings.
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Youtube Academy

Do you want to be a youtuber? Do you want to have a YouTube channel and win visits? This is my favorite course to achieve it, besides that it is a course created by the same Youtube owners and with the complete information about how everything works on YouTube, there is no other site with the most complete information. From the basics of how to create your channel to the most complex, which is how to make sure that nobody copies your videos, also about what happens if you infringe copyrights of others. They also give certificates.
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