Build income with affiliate marketing

In this article we will explain several strategies to build your business with affiliate marketing and be able to sell more and cheaper, being campaigns on third-party sites is something that can be a bit expensive but if we try a bit we can create a funnel where we can put together a mailing list that we can then use to send offers and encourage people to return to our websites.

Advertising in search engines

This is a basic strategy, where one carries out a warning campaign in a search engine or advertisement provider, with some keywords that guide the client to a landing page.

Here you have to be careful especially with everything that has to do with the policies of good use or the provider can bann the campaign for violating the policies, we must take into account prohibited keywords, and sometimes also in the majority they prohibit links to affiliate sites, for example Clickbank, in which case we must use a provider that allows it or use a mailing list campaign.

Using campaigns for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing on the Internet is a good way to have residual income. With this technique, what you basically do is choose a product and send traffic to the landing page of the product, with a code that identifies you as an affiliate. The game is to balance the cost per click vs the profit per sale, one must calculate that the cost per click is close to 1% of the profit per sale, so this way if at least 1% of the visitors buy, your campaing can break even. The key is that the traffic is well segmented through the keywords.

This technique is useful if you have your own product to sell, you can even publish it in these affiliate marketing networks so that others can sell it and thus be able to build even more considerable income. For a good volume of sales, you must aim to the main needs of the majority of people, or already have an established niche and perhaps your own list of email addresses.

Creating your own mailing list

Creating your own mailing list is a very useful and economical tool to make sales because you have your own prospects and you can send them information many times without paying a lot of money compared to advertising on search engines.

It is very useful to create different types of capture funnels of prospects, here I can show you the simplest, and the simple is what works best. This funnel consists of a landing page where your client arrives and in the space that is visible is given an offer and a sales argument, one can avail of several types of tools but the shorter is much better. Or if you use advertising in other pages, the best thing is to offer something for free in exchange for contact information, mainly email and not putting sales speeches, since the person expressed interest by clicking on the ad. After giving your contact information we must direct it to a thank you page and on this page if we can put a commercial offer, related to the subject that interests the prospect.

Your prospect is coming to a data capture page, this page must be very simple, just ask for his name and email, and remember your prospect what he is going to receive for signing up, make sure this page load very fast, if someone has to wait more than 5 seconds you are going to lose him.

After the prospects click submits, his information is going to be stored on a database and entered in a sequence of automated emails, and a thank you page is going to be sent to his browser, this thank you page must have an offer, is a very good sales opportunity.

The idea is that with the email sequence he is going to receive, at least a sale is going to be realized. And you cant tune this system, to add upsells with every step on it.


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